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Mariell Lehman

Mariell has been proving the innocence of people accused of committing the most serious crimes to society for over 11 years.

Her incredible career started in 2010 and towards the end of 2011, her reputation exploded. Mariell is known for her dedication to her clients and always doing whatever it takes to help them avoid going to prison.

"When you find yourself in a situation where you really need a client dedicated attorney, contact Mariell Lehman. Her knowledge of law, her responsiveness, listening, and communication skills as well as her research skills are second to none. She worked on my case for 21 months and won, case closed. I could not thank her enough."
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Expert Advice

With over 11+ years of experience, Mariell has the knowledge to defend you and your reputation.

Legal Defense

With her extensive history, Mariell has the strategies necessary to get you the best possible outcome.


With countless awards and accolades, Mariell is known for creating powerful defense blueprints for her clients.

Practice Areas

Murder & Manslaughter

One of the most serious charges a person can face. Murder and manslaughter come with very severe consequences. Mariell Lehman can help.

RICO & Organized Crime

Being charged with an offense related to organized crime can carry 20+ prison sentences and fines of $25,000+. Be sure to have an experienced attorney by your side.


Being charged with assault & battery carries severe consequences in Michigan. It is important you have a strong and experienced defense lawyer by your side.

Firearms Charges

Over the last 11+ years, Mariell Lehman has developed extensive experience helping people accused of firearms related charges.

High Level Drug Charges

Crimes such as manufacturing or smuggling illegal drugs carry severe consequences. Mariell Lehman has the experience to help.

Other Major Felonies

Mariell has extensive experience with all major felonies. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.


Mariell Lehman

A leader in her community and a fearless advocate for her clients.


To provide the absolute best and most aggressive defense to those who have been charged with the most serious crimes and face the most severe penalties.

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"Mariell is an amazing attorney! I was charged with criminal sexual conduct facing a maximum sentence of life in prison for a crime I didn't commit....I received a NOT GUILTY verdict!"

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